What Makes A Hybrid Different for Sale in Alamogordo, NM

February 18th, 2021 by

You may have heard that hybrids are the way to go because they are more beneficial to our  planet than gas vehicles. But, how do you know if a hybrid is the best vehicle for you? We will explore the many aspects of hybrid vehicles so you can be confident in your next purchase from Desert Sun Toyota.

First, we should mention what exactly a hybrid car is. A hybrid vehicle has both an electric motor and gasoline engine. Sometimes the electric motor runs the show, sometimes the gas motor, and sometimes they both work together.

What does that mean? Well, both these components have two purposes. Electric motors turn off when the vehicle is idle and use less gas when the vehicle is operating at low speeds. Gas motors are better for high speeds and in situations where you need more power. When you’re at low speeds, or stop and go traffic, hybrids are great because they use less gas and have lower smog levels.

Another benefit of a gas motor, is it charges the battery when in operation. That’s what makes hybrid vehicles more reliable than electric because an electric vehicle can leave you stranded once it out of juice, whereas the hybrid is self-charging with the gas motor.

Now, we must mention that because of these components, a hybrid model tends to be more expensive than gas models. There are two motors and much more complexity. But, there is also more savings at the gas pump because of the electric motor.

Plus, you’re not only saving green at the gas pump your also helping save the planet by reducing gas emissions being produced in the air, and therefore creating less pollution.

If the hybrid models seems to fit you, your needs, and your wallet, then check out our hybrid models below.

If you’re in the Alamogordo,  NM, Las Cruces, NM, El Paso, TX, or Ruidoso, NM area you are also welcome to visit us anytime for an in-person test drive or consultation. As always, the hottest deals under the sun come from Desert Sun!

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